Testing Services

At Bria Research Labs, we provide a variety of testing services that you may need prior to launching a new product. We can also prepare your products on a small scale to perform these tests or get products from your manufacturing facility. These tests provide valuable data on the performance of your products and its stability over long periods of time. Our goal is to provide all of your testing and technical services needs to keep your business healthy and strong.

Claims Substantiation:
In this competitive environment, it is essential to have powerful claims that an everyday consumer can easily understand. We can generate data that can support your product claims which can be used in your advertising copy to distinguish your products from all others competing for the same business. Our Claims package includes support from published articles that provides a technical rationale, data generated on hair swatches and data from salon testing. We can also solicit opinions from consumers after using your products at home.

Salon Testing:
At our performance testing salon, we can provide valuable qualitative and/or quantitative data on the performance of your products. We can compare the performance of your products against a known bench mark in half head salon tests or run whole head tests. All salon treatments are done by experienced licensed stylists. We can also get opinions from participants in the study.

Product/Package Stability Tests:
Accelerated high temperature testing can provide valuable data on the stability of your products and packages. Our tests are done at 45C, 35C, Room temperature and 4C along with three freeze thaw cycles. Also, products can be exposed to UV light to study color stability. Typically, our measurements are done at 15 days, one, two and three months. Room temperature samples are stored for one year. Reports are summarized and submitted at each observation interval.

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