Sulfate-free Shampoos

What’s behind the real benefit of Sulfate-free Shampoos?

Recently, shampoo and cleansing products based on sulfates, Sodium/Ammonium Laureth Sulfate (SLES/ALES) and/or Sodium/Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS/ALS) have come under scrutiny in the marketplace.  Although, these materials have been used for over five decades with no real adverse safety effects, it is common to find them associated with toxic impurities such as 1, 4 Dioxane and descriptors such as irritating, harsh and drying.  As a result, Marketers have responded to the negative publicity by introducing non-sulfate-based shampoos only to find themselves at a disadvantage both in performance and cost.  Typical performance challenges include fundamental performance criteria such as lather and cleansing ability as well as inability to produce aesthetically thickened systems.  The sulfate-free surfactant alternatives are costly without really communicating a true benefit to the consumer.  But what if you could overcome those performance and cost hurdles and stay in the streamline of the latest development trends but really deliver a breakthrough benefit to the consumer?

The Benefit . . . The true benefit of sulfate-free shampoos is color protection which can be substantiated beyond puffery claims.  Over 80% of women color their hair and color protection is a key area of concern.  This is evident given L’Oreal’s positioning in the hair color market and their recent introduction of their sulfate-free EverPure systems for haircare, specifically to address color protection.  Bria Research Labs is not only expert at developing sulfate-free systems but can do so economically by carefully blending surfactants to overcome the performance drawbacks associated with these systems.  Bria Research Labs has a thorough understanding of the synergistic effects achieved in performance at optimized costs.  In addition, these difficult to thicken systems can be achieved even with the use of natural thickeners, avoiding the use of ethoxylated ingredients.  And it does not stop there, we use the industry accepted methodology to substantiate your color protection claim package by demonstrating color retention through L*a*b* measurement techniques on hair swatches as well as consumer hair array substrates through double blinded salon studies and home use tests.

Bria Research Labs can help you compete in the sulfate-free shampoo world with a real consumer end benefit, color protection.  We will work with you to develop custom sulfate-free hair care lines ranging from the most economical to an exclusive high end approach to suit your individual needs.

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